Changelog for MMM 2.x

MMM 2.2.1

  • Fixed usage of wrong state name in set_active, forced_move_role and set_offline which could lead to strange errors when hosts had replication backlog.

MMM 2.2.0

  • Added manual mode (bug #531011), wait mode, config values 'mode' and 'wait_for_other_master'
  • Don't die at startup when no network connection is available - wait for it to appear instead (bug #416572)
  • Changed startup behaviour. mmm_mond will only go into passive mode if it detects the active_master_role on more than one host.
  • Added config value 'careful_startup' (bug #422549). If set to 0 mmm_mond will never switch into passive mode at startup.
  • Added check for invalid agent commands (prevents crash when mmmd_mon version 1.x talks to an 2.x agent).
  • Fixed date format for 'mmm_control checks' (bug #531841)
  • Allow running multiple agents on the same host (bug #525719)

MMM 2.1.1

  • Changed default logging behaviour. There is just one log file named mmm_*.log for mmm_mond/mmm_agentd now (bug #484395)
  • Fixed DBI timeout handling (bug #528437)

MMM 2.1.0

  • Renamed mmmd_mon and mmmd_agent - they are called mmm_agentd and mmm_mond now (fixes bug #410612)
  • Some changes to fulfill the debian policy and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. (Place utility binaries in /usr/lib/mysql-mmm.html (old location was /usr/bin/mysql-mmm) and some smaller changes)
  • Determine whether to set a flapping host to ONLINE 'cause of auto_set_online using time of last check state change instead of time of last host state change. (bug #517650)
  • Added command 'mmm_control checks'
  • Let checks 'rep_threads' and 'rep_backlog' report an error when the monitor user doesn't have sufficient privileges.
  • Set $PROGRAM_NAME for prettier ps output.
  • Small fix for angel functionality.
  • Added mmm_* –version

MMM 2.0.11

  • Let auto_set_online set flapping hosts to ONLINE after flap_duration seconds without failure (bug #484128)
  • Prevent angel from filling filesystem on infinit error conditions (bug #473446)
  • Ignore white space after config values in the config file (bug #494128)
  • Added FreeBSD support (bug #472933)
  • Use Unix::Uptime when available (bug #465107)

MMM 2.0.10

  • Check for failure when configuring ips, checking for ips and removing ips (bug #429651)
  • Show preferred role status in mmm_control show output (bug #463241)
  • Added move_role –force (bug #381919)
  • Added auto_set_online feature (bug #429664)
  • Fixed dependencies of debian package mysql-mmm-monitor (libdbi-perl and libdbd-mysql-perl were missing)
  • Don't change host state from HARD_OFFLINE to AWAITING_RECOVERY if replication checks are not ok (bug #458907)
  • Enhanced log messages (bug #416572, bug #416586, …)
  • New makefile specific for agent/mon/tools from Josh Adams (bug #410615)

MMM 2.0.9

  • Fixed mmm_clone and mmm_restore so that they don't mess up owner/group of files. (bug #388426)

MMM 2.0.8

  • Create .pid files with secure permissions (bug #387459)

MMM 2.0.7

  • When overwriting status file, create temporary file in the same directory (fixes bug #385541)
  • Document kill_host functionality (bug #385543)

MMM 2.0.6

Please make sure, that your config files are not world-readable/writable before upgrading. mmmd_mon/mmmd_agent wont start otherwise.

  • Check that config files are not world writable/readable (bug #384837)
  • fixed angel functionality to overwrite signals only temporary.
  • use File::Temp when overwriting status file.
  • Check new master before executing set_active_master.
  • distribute non-active-master roles equally (fixes bug #385223)

MMM 2.0.5

  • Added angel functionality
  • Fixed return code of init scripts (bug #383872)
  • Added documentation for ssh_port and ssh_parameters
  • Added LICENSE file

MMM 2.0.4

  • Added “ssh_port” and “ssh_parameters” config variables for mysql-mmm-tools
  • added “kill host”-functionality
  • Fixed makefile
  • Fixed version number in documentation
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